High School Powder-Puff Team Plays in Blackface

Insensitive act or unintentional harm?

That is the question up for debate after photos surfaced across social media of a Missouri high school’s senior powder-puff football team wearing Blackface during their football game.

The team, which rolls 12 deep, was said to be following an annual tradition of wearing face-paint during the football tournament, according to Jennifer Schmidt, principal of Sullivan High School.

In a statement to the Riverfront Times, Schmidt attempted to divert the controversy stating, “It’s been common practice for the senior girls’ team to wear face paint during the powder-puff football tournament, essentially as a parody of the eye black football players normally wear to decrease glare from the sun and lights. The face paint also serves to intimidate underclassmen.”

In prior years, the team wore combinations of the school’s colors which are black and gold. But how ironic is it that this year the entire team showed up with black face paint?

Are critics being overly sensitive or nah?

Nevertheless, the school principal is considering banning wearing face-paint altogether in the coming years.

The competitive nature of sports and school spirit is understood. The intimidation, the adrenaline is what athletes thrive off of. Should the school ban the fashion of it? Not sure.

However, blackface has heavy historical context and for that reason, offense was taken by some who saw the photos and other officials from nearby schools.

Why not just go back to sporting the school colors? There seemed to be no headline controversies stemming from that.

What are your thoughts – do you find the black face paint offensive?