Milwaukee Sheriff Lashes out at NAACP

On Jan. 17, Terrance Walker, 21, was fatally shot by an Oklahoma police officer.

Reports state that Walker fled on foot after an officer confronted him outside of a church regarding a domestic dispute he was responding to. Later, a gun that police say fell out of Walker’s pants as he ran, was found near his body.

Tensions are flaring and the local NAACP chapter is calling the shooting vindictive and that officers are continuously acting on the “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality, reports KUTL-TV.

However, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is calling the shooting “justifiable” and in fact, calls out the NAACP labeling them irrelevant.

“This once proud organization that was a force for good has relegated itself to irrelevancy,” Sheriff Clark told Fox & Friends.“I challenge anybody to name the last significant accomplishment that the NAACP has achieved in the United States for people of color.”

Furthermore, the Sheriff went to Fox & Friends with an agenda – that being to bring attention to the father-son dynamic or lack thereof in homes. He added that Walker’s shooting was a result of “father-absent homes.”

Ok, free speech is what it is. Every one is entitled to their opinion and take on society.

But giving this interview to FOX News,at your request, well damn. And as you’re watching the broadcast, the reporter (who is White) is agreeing and hanging on to every word.

The NAACP’s message in all of this: “emphasis should be placed on trying to take those people alive.”

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s statements, below and sound off in the comments!