Mildred Loving’s Grandson Says She Wasn’t Black

The subject of a major Hollywood film and more importantly, Loving V. Virginia was not Black, her grandson says.

WWBT sat down with Mark Loving, Mildred Loving’s grandson. He says he was raised by his grandmother, who identified as Native American.

“I know during those times, there were only two colors: white and Blacks,” said Loving. “But she was Native American, both of her parents were Native American.”

In 1958, Richard Loving—a white man—married Mildred Jeter—a woman of color. The move was a violation of Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act, but the Supreme Court’s ruling invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage across the country.

While Mark likes the overall theme of the movie, which is set to release nationally on Friday, he says there’s no evidence that his grandmother was African-American.

In fact, he says his grandmother always identified as Rappahannock Indian. Richard and Mildred’s D.C. marriage license also list Mildred as “Indian.”

Mark also says that if his grandmother were alive today, she’d be upset at how she’s being portrayed.

“She wasn’t trying to be no hero, she wasn’t tryin’ to be no civil rights activist,” he said. “She just wanted to come back to Central Point, Virginia.”