Mike Pence Votes to Block Planned Parenthood Funding

The war on Planned Parenthood continues.

As recent as yesterday, Republican Senators voted in favor of passing a measure which would allow states to block federal grants for family planning centers, most notably, Planned Parenthood.

Guess who casted the tiebreaking vote? Vice President Mike Pence. Along with being the tiebreaking vote, this was after two women Republicans, Alaska Senator, Lisa Murkowski, and Maine Senator, Susan Collins, defected and voted against the measure.

For many of the Trump administration’s critics, it seems like he is trying to undo everything set in place by President Obama. This new bill that was just passed overrides the protection President Obama set in place to stop states from cutting funds from family planning centers for political reasons.

However, this new measure allows states to cut funding from places that perform abortions and pay for birth control, pregnancy care, cancer screenings and fertility services.

Planned Parenthood released a statement, to the New York Daily News, saying, “Mike Pence went from yesterday’s forum on empowering women to today leading a group of male politicians in a vote to take away access to birth control and cancer screenings. People are sick and tired of politicians making it even harder for them to access health care.”

We’ll see how this back-and-forth with Planned Parenthood goes. It’s possible it could end up just like the proposed health care bill.