Mike Brown’s Stepfather Could Face Charges

Many Ferguson protesters have showed their solidarity with the family of Michael Brown, and other unarmed men killed by police, through peaceful protest demanding societal and institutional changes.

But of course the hot ticket for news coverage following a divisive grand jury decision is turning the camera on those individuals involved in acts such as looting.

Now, Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, could possibly face charges for raw emotion he expressed (on video) following the long-awaited verdict.

Though some might argue that was caught on tape was a human moment and a justifiably angry reaction, Head’s alleged “burn this b—-down” remarks are now at the center of a police investigation.

There have been some call-outs on social media for Head’s arrest for “the role he played in Ferguson being terrorized and property destroyed.”

The video and action in question are here for you to click on below, and we want to know what you think.