Teacher Compares First Lady to Harambe

A Louisiana teacher no longer has a job after sharing an extremely offensive image comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

The meme depicted Harambe the Gorilla, who was killed after a four-year-old fell into its enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, to Mrs. Obama and included the racist caption, “They shot the wrong gorilla.”




The teacher was employed by the St. Mary Parish School System and was apparently working at Franklyn High School at the time he shared the post. While the offensive meme was bad enough, the teacher added his own commentary: “Someone finally got it right.”

A concerned Franklin graduate shared the teacher’s egregious post, which was also sent to district officials on Friday.

The St. Mary Parish school board acted quickly and terminated the teacher, who they say worked as a longterm substitute.

“He’s no longer a part of this system, and he will not substitute in the future,” Superintendent Leonard Armato said. “Bottom line, he’s not working for St. Mary Parish again.”