First Lady Disrespected in Racist Cartoon

A cartoonist who drew an image of First Lady Michelle Obama as manly next to a very womanly Melania Trump has been accused of racism, the Daily Mail reports.

The cartoon shows a muscular Obama wearing a green dress with a bulge in the groin area. Standing next to her is a smiling Melania Trump.

The artist, Ben Garrison, tweeted the picture on Friday with the caption: “#InTrumpsAmerica The #FirstLady will be Great Again! #Trump2016.”

Trump, who is the wife of potential 2016 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, is holding a “Trump” sign. The image also contains the words, “Make the First Lady Great Again!”

Several people took to the First Lady’s defense via Twitter in reaction to the image.

Garrison later bragged about new Twitter followers as a result of the cartoon and referred to those in opposition of it “cry babies.”

Garrison, who is known for his controversial political cartoons, appears to be a supporter of Trump.

How “classy.” SMH.

  • Pops150

    Someone needs to calm down and laugh a little.

    • bella2758

      Racism is nothing to laugh at.

  • bella2758

    Do we expect racists bigots to act like they have any sense, because they don't. They are rule by their racism. Michelle Obama is a lovely, intelligent, down to earth, caring, black woman, and that is what bother these racists bigots. And Melania is what, white. And that is all that matter to those racists bigots. Melania graduated from what college? Trump U. I'm proud of the job Michelle Obama is doing as First Lady, I'm proud of the lovely black woman she is. And she does not have to back down to anyone, certainly not Melania Trump.

    • Angela

      Right why do we RXPECT good from EVIL

    • Derp

      You sound like a racist.

  • alex

    Why do people think the cartoon has anything to do with race? Michelle can be any skin color and it would still be funny…and true

    • bella2758

      Only racists bigots fine that funny and true.

  • Blake

    Would this whining article have been written if cast Melania in a negative light? Would there have been all this ridiculous "outrage?"

    Didn't think so.

  • Hot Wife

    Ha ha. Hilarious!!

  • Derp

    lol funny cartoon! Love it.

  • Moopy

    I think the cartoon is stupid and racist. I also think the GOP needs to understand that conservative Christianity might have run most of the world at one time but no longer runs the majority of Europe, South America, the Middle East and also (about half) of the USA. Racist cartoons like this will continue to drag down conservative Christians and so called "tea party" people. Not just racist cartoons but being mean and so judgmental.

  • earl

    Why wasn't there any cries of racism about all the racist comments about Condilissa Rice ?