Disrespect: New York Times’ Michelle Obama Tweet

For the last eight years, Michelle Obama has been criticized for simply being a Black woman. Add the word “power” to her socio-political status and the fact that she’s married to America’s first Black president, and critics have had a field day spewing rude and racist remarks across various platforms.

And for eight years, Mrs. Obama has pushed past snide and offensive comments to carry on with her civic and social duty, authentically. Her smile continued to grace the couches of Late Night television, magazine covers, daytime talk shows and during prominent moments of her husband’s tenure as the president of the United States.

In spite of the bigotry, being compared to animals, and blatant disrespect, Mrs. Obama created initiatives with the intent to help children lead healthy, active lives. And yes, YOU, the one who called her names and tried to overlook her existence, your child(ren) are included in her mission.

While the First Lady may have brushed off the harsh talk, for those of us who adore her beauty, strength, intellect and poise, the comments haven’t fallen on deaf ears. The racist criticism hasn’t gone unheard and it hurts.

So when a media publication takes another opportunity to offend Mrs. Obama, we’re hit with yet another blow.

In the thick of what had grown to become the most excruciating presidential race, Mashable reported that the New York Times Style Twitter account linked to a story that had intentions on praising Mrs. Obama’s evolution as a political leader. Only the 140 characters used to engage readers, caught all of the attention instead.

Read the now deleted tweet below:

After being called out, the NYT Styles account later swapped the verbiage for the below:

Yeah…no. This is all a total fail.

First off, referring to the FLOTUS as an “Angry Black Woman” is a stereotypical phrase that was given to her and many Black women by ignorant individuals. Name a moment since we have acknowledged Michelle Obama as the first lady, where she legit displayed controversial or non-first ladylike behavior. Name a moment where that ill-intentional phrase described her being?

I’ll wait.

The article headline and subhead, which published on Saturday, read:

The Closer: Michelle Obama
Dismissed early on by critics, the first lady has evolved into a powerful presence on the campaign trail.

NYT Styles totally missed an opportunity to lift up a woman who has expressed genuine care for people all over the world. A woman who has created campaigns and initiatives for the betterment of life.

Of course, social media chimed in with analytical views.