Hoping for a Michelle Obama 2020 Ticket? Don’t

Many people love the idea of seeing the Obamas in office once again, but President Obama has confirmed that politics is not on the family’s agenda.

“Michelle will never run for office,” Obama told Rolling Stone in an interview following the 2016 election. “She’s too sensible to want to be in politics.”

The good news is the Obamas plan to go back to where they got their start —promoting progressive values at the grass-roots level, with a focus on working with Democrats to help bring back White working class voter, who voted for Obama in 2012, but not for Hillary in 2016.

Obama also stressed the importance of digital media in making a case for progressive policies across the country, as well as training the next generation of leadership in his interview with Rolling Stone.

“We have to reinvigorate the DNC so that it’s not viewed as a Washington entity but rather that it is a grassroots organization that is out all across the country and making a common cause with working people.”

Before the Obamas take on the challenge of reinvigorating the Democratic Party, they plan to get some sleep and take a “well-deserved vacation.”

The president also plans on writing a book during his first year out of office.