#MicCheckRacism: Teens vs Racism

“I didn’t know … literally, living in this skin was that hard.”

The words spoken by 17-year-old spoken word artist Kooken, channels the emotional tide spreading nationwide, resonating with Black and Brown people.

The coverage of the Charleston shooting has sparked outrage and led to many people calling out mainstream platforms for their biased coverage of the terrorist act.

“I refuse to let society place a label only based off how I look or how I may appear….” she continues.

The piece, entitled ‘I Count’ speaks to the racism plaguing the world and comes a week after the devastating Charleston massacre at Emanuel AME Church. We now mourn nine slain men and women due to the hate-fueled rage of 21-year-old Dylann Roof.

With the tragedy being discussed, debated, and analyzed across various platforms from in-office conversations to television and social media, the emotions expressed by nearly 26,000 members of led the organization to invite teens across the country to pour out their emotions via a virtual poetry slam under the tag #MicCheckRacism.

In addition to teens, media, and civilians voicing their disgust with the situation, South Africa’s First Lady Bongi I Ngema-Zuma shared her perspective on the various accounts of racial attacks, with EBONY/JET’s Kyra Kyles. Read her comments, here.