Member of Dream Defenders Arrested in Florida

A Fort Lauderdale member of the Dream Defenders is facing several charges, including disorderly conduct, after allegedly disrupting a local city commission meeting to speak out against what he and the group saw as unfair treatment of citizens during last year’s Winterfest Boat Parade.

Demetrius Vaughn was one of a group of Defenders, that also included  Jasmen Rogers, who attended the meeting and he contends he was denied the opportunity to speak.   Vaughn, 22, said that the group was incensed to find that police were about to receive public accolades in spite of the way they behaved to a protest staged during the parade, including arresting Rogers at some point during the event.

“I was performing my civic duty as a citizen that was taken away from me, so I feel like there was an injustice done there,” Vaughn told CBS Miami of the arrest.

City officials claim the group did not sign up for the public speaking portion, but Rogers told CBS Miami that they were informed there would be no public comment that evening.

The Twitterverse sprang into action to help fund bail for Vaughn, the Orlando Sentinel reports.