Megyn Kelly vs DeRay Mckesson On Freddie Gray

Prominent activist and former Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File Monday to discuss the acquittal of Officer Edward Nero in death of Freddie Gray.

Fox News, and its hosts, have been extremely critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, so it’s no wonder the interaction between Mckesson and Kelly didn’t go as planned.

As soon as the segment began, Kelly asked Mckesson to weigh-in on a comment from an unnamed woman that Nero’s acquittal was “biased and racist.” Mckesson, in turn, chose to focus on the fact that Gray would still be alive if he wasn’t arrested without probable cause in the first place.

Kelly took the side of the officers, arguing, “[Officer Nero] had virtually no interaction” with Gray, “what did he do that was wrong?”

While Mckesson conceded that Nero was not found criminally liable in Gray’s death, he reiterated “Freddie Gray should not have been stopped. He was no threat to the officers; the officers were a threat to Freddie Gray.”

Mckesson went on to assert the laws governing police conduct should change, but Kelly wasn’t convinced.

“Don’t you see the danger to the community if we start locking up cops for a bad judgement call?” Kelly asked.

Mckesson countered, “Do you think Freddie Gray should be dead, Megyn?”

Kelly never answered the question, and the segment came to an abrupt end.

Watch the exchange below.