McDonalds Workers Treat Burns With Mustard

Credit: Shutterstock

If there’s any reason for fast food workers need more protections and rights, it’s this. According to a new survey, one-third of workers at McDonalds are told by managers to use condiments to treat burns. And burns are fairly common. The survey also revealed that 4-out-of-5 workers get burned on the job. From CBS New York:

Protest organizers and former McDonald’s employee Kendall Fells said he met a worker who slipped on a greasy floor and hit the grill. “When she went to our manager and said ‘Hey, I just burned my arm really bad,’ he said ‘Oh, just go put some mustard on it, you’ll be okay,’” Fells said. Believe or not, that same survey said a third of workers who were burned were also told to use condiments as medical supplies. “It does almost sound like a joke right up until you’re the person that gets burned,” Fells said. Workers in 19 cities have not filed federal complaints.

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