McCain’s Son Weds Black Woman, Cue Racist Trolling

Sen. John McCain posted a shot of his 27-year-old son Jack McCain’s wedding (posted above) on his Facebook page, and what started as a celebration got marred in negativity. Jack McCain married Renee Swift, a 29-year-old Bay Area native who happens to be Black (the couple met in Guam while serving in the Air Force reserves).

There were well wishes of congrats but eventually the trolls surfaced and started to spew their ignorant and trite vitriol. You already know where this is going…

One commenter Diann Daily, wrote: “No wonder McCain has crawled into bed with Obama…His son married a black girl! McCain is a RINO and a TRAITOR! Eeeewwwwwwwww…..”

A few other ignoramuses followed suit, many calling him a “traitor.”

However, some commentors didn’t hesitate to call out the ignorance.

George Dwyer wrote, “Did someone seriously post about this dude marrying a black chick like it was a bad thing? What dimension are you living in? Is it possible to be that ignorant in the year 2013?”

People must have forgotten that John McCain has an adopted Bangladeshi daughter, which clearly suggests that he’s not as backwards as some of his affiliates. It’s nice to see that he passed that same world view on to his children.
Anyway, the happy couple  will honeymoon in Africa before returning to Guam.

Spotted at Cocoa Fab.