Suspect Charged in Orlando Murders Stays Defiant

Markeith Loyd attends his initial court appearance in Orlando. Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel via AP, Pool

Markeith Loyd, the Orlando, Fla., man charged in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and a police officer, remained defiant at his court hearing on Friday, taunting the judge that he spat profanities at just the day before.

“The lady in the black dress, can I have your name please?” Loyd asked judge Jeanette Dejuras Bigney as she read the charges against him, which include the murder of Sade Dixon, who he had been seeing, in December and of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton who attempted to arrest him at a Wal-Mart store on Jan. 9 in connection with Dixon’s death but died in an exchange of gunfire.

A manhunt ensued that lasted more than a week until police captured him Tuesday night. In his initial hearing on Thursday, Loyd declared that many of the accusations against him are “made up” and complained that he was roughed up by arresting officers. At that hearing, he laid in to Bigney with a tirade of expletives about his arrest and questioning the evidence against him.

Police released a video of his arrest on Thursday, which appears to show officers kicking him as they attempt to apprehend him, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Friday morning’s hearing saw Loyd flanked again by corrections officers and his eye still covered by a bandage. He was injured and hospitalized after his arrest. He remains held without bail. Bigney asked if he wanted legal representation provided by the court, to which he would not answer.

But at a press conference on Thursday, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said officers exercised “incredible restraint” when they arrested Loyd. “We are talking about a cold-blooded, ruthless killer who then took off and committed more crimes, attempted to kill a sheriff’s deputy and also carjacked somebody,” Mina said.