Marion Barry University …Coming Soon?

All in favor of Marion Barry University, say “Yea!”

On the heels of President Obama proposing the idea of providing two-years of tuition-free education, D.C. Council member Vincent B. Orange proposed that the University of the District of Columbia transition into a tuition-free community college to be renamed after the late Marion Barry, Jr.

University officials say that they have yet to be consulted about the proposal but council colleagues are intrigued by the idea of a tuition-free community college.

Orange, an “at-large” Democrat supports his proposal with the message of keeping high school students in the District as oppose to traveling when it comes time to look for their next level of education.

With this, he points out the significance of former mayor Barry and his contributions and influence to D.C. – politically and personally.

“Marion Barry is an individual who should be properly honored, but also should be studied, should be researched,” Orange told the Washington Post. “For the District of Columbia, this guy really had a major footprint in the city.

And as for Barry’s controversial past? Orange says it should not deter decisions to go forward with the renaming but instead, serve as inspiration and a message for students”to get up and overcome their adversities…and stay on this track.”

How do you feel about Orange’s proposal? Would it be a good idea for D.C. to welcome Marion Barry University?

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