Update: “Too Many Black People” Bar

Credit: Thinkstock

On Monday, was among the first news outlets to notify you of an ugly, racially-charged incident between Reprieve Blues performer, Brandon Bailey, and McNally’s management in which the group’s performance was cut short due to “Too Many Black People.”

Brandon Bailey wrote up a detailed post about a negative experience he says he and his Reprieve Blues bandmates had at a Chicago bar called McNally’s, located on the city’s South Side on February 22.

Post incident, Bailey told us that there hasn’t been any dialogue between him and McNally’s management but he refuses to dwell on what he calls the much needed apology. “At this point we just need to work on how to prevent incidents like this from happening,” says Bailey who has been working with stakeholders to better converse about this issue in an effective way. “This isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred and it is best that we don’t point fingers when discussing change.”

Bailey has received numerous calls and emails from supporters who have offered words of encouragement but he hasn’t taken the time to actually see what people are commenting on the web. “I’m not going to allow myself to get involved in any of the negativity,” says the Chicago native who plans on being active and visible more so during this time.

McNally’s management did not answer the phone, when called.

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