Man Charged For Allegedly Killing Mary Spears

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Rejection can be a hard pill to swallow. But never…ever should it be a cause to murder someone.

In the early hours of October 5, Mary “Unique” Spears, a woman attending a memorial celebration on Detroit’s east side was shot to death after allegedly rejecting a man’s sexual advances.

The suspect, Mark Dorch, 38, was recently charged with first degree murder and assault with intent to murder, among other charges, reports the Huffington Post. His trial date is scheduled to begin February 9.

Though the details of the night aren’t 100 percent clear, what has been reported by Spears’ family is that the confrontation between Spears and Dorch escalated after she repeatedly dismissed his advances. WJBK TV reports that security had to force the suspect to leave the location. From that point, he waited outside and began shooting.

Five others were wounded.

Spears was an engaged mother of three.

Herein lies an example of how catcalling and street harassment can elevate to an unnecessary and volatile situation.

*Note to men: When she says ‘No’ be a MAN, suck it up and push on.

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