Malia Obama’s College Choice Has Racists Upset

To say that Malia Obama is smart would be an understatement. For the duration of her father Barack Obama’s presidency, the eldest Obama daughter has continued to set the trend for taking care of business and staying on top of her studies.

So much to the point where the 17-year-old earned a spot in Harvard’s freshman class. While Malia won’t be enrolling in the fall of 2016 (she chose to defer her studies until her father leaves the White House), everyone isn’t as thrilled as we are.

In fact, folks are downright showing their racist a**es.

Following FOX News’ report of the announcement on Sunday, viewers took to the station’s page to flood it with comments that did everything except for renew our faith in humanity.








Malia decided to attend her dad’s alma mater after visiting around a dozen colleges. How a very normal, very expected, very ordinary process of getting accepted to, and choosing a college became such a big deal is beyond me.

But then I have to remember, I don’t have hate in my heart like these “fine” commentators do.