Macy’s Drops Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s comments on immigration is costing him big. Macy’s is the latest to drop the business mogul by pulling his branded merchandise from its stores.

The department store came under intense pressure to cut ties with Trump after he referred to immigrants from Mexico and other countries as killers and rapists.

In a statement Wednesday morning, Macy’s said the company “stands for diversity” and that it had no tolerance for discrimination.

“We are disappointed and distressed by recent remarks about immigrants from Mexico. We do not believe the disparaging characterizations portray an accurate picture of the many Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Latinos who have made so many valuable contributions to the success of our nation,” Macy’s said. “In light of statements made by Donald Trump, which are inconsistent with Macy’s values, we have decided to discontinue our business relationship with Mr. Trump and will phase-out the Trump menswear collection, which has been sold at Macy’s since 2004.”

Macy’s will no longer carry any of Trump’s attire, including dress shirts, neckties and cuff links. Trump will also be banned from appeared in any more of the department chain’s commercials.

A petition that called for the store sever its relationship with Trump had collected well over 700,000 signatures as of Wednesday morning.

“Donald Trump does not reflect ‘the magic of Macy’s,'” the petition reads. “Macy’s says it has a strong obligation to be ‘socially responsible’ and that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Indeed. It’s time to act.”

Earlier this week, NBC announced that it will no longer air the “Miss Universe” and “Miss USA” pageants, both sponsored by Trump.