Lyft Driver’s Video On Sexual Assault Goes Viral

It seems like every day women are asking men to speak up about rape culture and sexual assault and to also hold their fellow men accountable. One Dallas Lyft driver is doing just that in a video that recently went viral.

Tro’juan Henderson is a 28-year-old driver for Lyft who during his Tuesday shift, refused to take a highly intoxicated woman home. Henderson describes the woman as barely being able to walk and having to be helped out of a hotel by her two female friends. The friends give Henderson the keys to the woman’s apartment asking him to not only drive her home, but also make sure she gets inside safely.

This is where Henderson had a problem. He asked if one of the women would ride with her friend, he offered to reduce the payment to get both of them home and he also offered to call another Lyft driver if that would make them more comfortable.

The ladies decline the offer, so Henderson canceled the ride. In a video he posted on his Twitter account last week, Henderson spoke of people needing to take better precautions when it comes to the safety of their inebriated friends.

He said, “Even though I won’t rape or sexually assault this lady…as a friend, that puts your friend in a possibility of great danger. …I also had to protect myself. I don’t know this lady, she may have had a traumatic experience and this could trigger her.”

Henderson also went to say, “We should live in a world to where men should hold themselves accountable and not touch women, not sexually assault women not sexually harass women, not street harass women.”

He encourages both men and women to protect their friends when they’re out.

Henderson’s thoughts are not only refreshing because they’re coming from a man, but also because there have been several stories of Uber and Lyft drivers being charged with sexual assault when it comes to women passengers.

This story also brings up the fact the intoxicated woman’s friends thought they had her best interest at heart, but did not. Since young women are in middle school, they are told about girl code and the buddy system of not leaving your friends behind or in vulnerable situations. Because this woman’s friends didn’t hesitate to give her apartment number and keys to a stranger, it shows they could have done a much better job at trying to get her home safely.