How ‘Loving’ Inspired This Interracial Dating App

In 1967, Laws banning interracial marriage were overturned with the historic Supreme Court decision, Loving v. Virginia. While still a controversial topic today, the Love-Moji App aims to break the interracial dating taboo.

The movie Loving was inspired by Richard and Mildred loving, a real-life couple from Virginia who were forced to move to D.C. out of fear of being jailed for breaking interracial dating laws. In D.C. the couple took their case all the way to the Supreme Court, who eventually ruled the ban on interracial marriage as unconstitutional.

To pay homage to the film, Love-Moji has debuted on the App Store, and can also be downloaded at It is not currently available in the Google Play Store. Featured within the app are interracial couples, both hetero and same sex, kissing and holding hands. Loving hits theaters November 4th, and was written and directed by Jeff Nichols.

Both the film and the Love-Moji app are a great reminder that real love often transcends race and politics.  We are living in an era where it feels like very little political progress has been made for Blacks in America. Loving is a gentle reminder that the law, although far from perfect, could be much worse. We’ve come a long way.