Louisiana Arrest Draws Online Outrage

Jayvon Felton, a 9-year-old boy with cancer who spent a day as Detroit's honorary police chief last month, has died.
Credit: Thinkstock

Seriously, we need to do something about these police.

What is captured on video here is terrifying and going viral for a good reason.  As local affiliate WDSU in Louisiana reports, the young man in the video claims he was in his home when an officer burst in and tackled him, wordlessly holding him down on a couch as a friend taped the encounter with his phone.  Click “play” to see what happened next during this buzzed about Louisiana arrest.

Twenty-six-year-old Donrell Breaux told the TV station that he suspects the police were responding to a call from neighbors because he and some friends were being overly loud on his porch, but he raises the good point that at no time (at least on film) did the deputy explain why he was being handcuffed.  Here’s the authorities’ side of the story in this UPDATED PIECE.

Between this and the pre-teens who had a gun pointed at them by officers in THIS STORY, we’re very concerned about the way we’re being (ahem) protected and served.