Louis Vuitton Employee Claims Racism

Another day, another high-end retailer being accused of racism.

Oliver Koffi, an employee at Louis Vuitton’s Central London store, claims he overheard a manager saying “Black people are slaves who eat dirt off the floor,” according to The Daily Mirror.

Additionally, Koffi claims that his manager called President Barack Obama a “muppet” and said “Miss Piggy” would be a better U.S. president because “Muslim people… don’t eat pork.”

Koffi is suing Louis Vuitton for racial discrimination and harassment.

A spokeswoman for the fashion company released the following statement: “Louis Vuitton has a zero-tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. This reported sentiment is in total violation of the Louis Vuitton Ethical charter.This issue was investigated, and the manager in question no longer works within the company.”

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