3 Arrested at Vigil for Slain Rapper

Police arrested three people on disorderly conduct and other charges after a vigil for a slain Baltimore rapper on Monday, police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

“This was a largely peaceful gathering of people who cared for this young man that this city really, really loved,” Davis said at a news briefing. “This gathering tonight included just a couple people who decided to act in their own self-interest and agitate the crowd.”

Tyriece Watson, who was known as “Lor Scoota,” was shot in his car in Baltimore on Saturday night and Davis said police are still searching for the killer. The vigil in Watson’s memory began around 5 p.m. Monday and the crowd grew through the evening.

Eventually, two dozen police vehicles showed up and ordered the crowd to disperse. People ignored the officers and a standoff ensued.

A small group of people threw bricks and bottles at police officers as they tried to clear the streets.

“We’ve been there and done that and that’s not going to happen again,” Davis said.

The crowd dispersed around 11 p.m., but there were no injuries, he said.