The Result of Using Racial Slurs Is…

So let’s review:

This Sacramento train whooping after a White teen continuously fixed his lips to hurl out a racial slur at an older Black man.

Then, Chicago one-upped that beat down with THIS whipping that left a passenger completely laid out on the train platform.

Now on Friday, we get another episode of “What Happens To Racists on Public Transit.” A man on the Metra Blue Line train in Long Beach thought it was a smart idea to boast on his Whiteness and disrespect Black people by yelling out racial slurs. You know where this is headed, but the reaction of a Black woman who had heard the n-word one too many times was priceless. Please note: We don’t condone violence, but folks might want to recognize a pattern here as it pertains to bigotry on buses and trains.

The woman delivered a stomping that makes you feel every blow to this man’s body just by watching.

Special tricks include: two side kicks to the dome, which caused the man’s head to jolt back and his body to curl over to the nearest pair of seats. From there, the street-style Jedi hopped on the seat in front of him, leaped up while holding onto the pole and planted her feet repeatedly on his head, neck and back.

And these were high, air lifted kicks. The heels of her gym shoes plunged so deep in this man’s skin to the point where he’ll have flashbacks anytime he thinks about or even hears someone saying the n-word.

Okay, enough description. See for yourself below.

Message: STOP BEING RACIST. It’s hazardous to your health.