Library of Congress Acquires The HistoryMakers

Julius Taylor (4th from r), scholar and educator of physics, and his graduating class of Middle Township High School

The Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington, has just gotten his hands on some incredible history and he’s sharing it with everyone.

On Tuesday, Billington announced the donation of The HistoryMakers, a video archive of thousands of hours of interviews that captures the rich cultures and struggles of the African-American people.

“The HistoryMakers archive provides invaluable first-person accounts of both well-known and unsung African-Americans, detailing their hopes, dreams and accomplishments—often in the face of adversity,” Billington shared in a press release.  “This culturally important collection is a rich and diverse resource for scholars, teachers, students and documentarians seeking a more complete record of our nation’s history and its people.”

The HistoryMakers contains content from the likes of Johnson Publishing Company’s own John H. Johnson, Angela Davis, Isaac Hayes, Maya Angelou and covers a wide array of topics from science to entertainment.

With 9,000 hours of content that includes 14,000 analog tapes, 3,000 DVDs, 6,000 born-digital files, 70,000 paper documents and digital files and more than 30,000 digital photographs, nearly leaves no rock unturned.

The HistoryMakers collection is housed in the Library’s Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation located in Culpeper, Va. Check out the official website to learn more.