Lawyer Drops SC Cop Who Killed Walter Scott

Attorney David Aylor has dropped officer Michael Slager after seeing video footage of the former North Charleston police officer fatally wounding an unarmed man.

In the video, shot by a witness via cell phone camera, Slager is shown firing at 50-year-old Walter Scott multiple times as he ran away. Slager also planted a Taser near his body.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Aylor addressed his decision to no longer represent Slager:

“Not so much as his former attorney, just as someone in the community, I feel that it’s a tragic situation that occurred. I feel for all of those who are affected by the incident and of course the loss of life. At no point, not specific to this case, just generally speaking, is anybody above the law. And I think that’s why we have process and court systems and everybody deserves their day in court, but I won’t be participating in anything related to this case moving forward in that regard.”

Today, Slager remains in custody and has been charged with murder.