Lawyer Fired for Black Lives Matter Tie

A Florida public defender who fired a lawyer for wearing a Black Lives Matter tie says he is not racist.

Brevard County Public Defender, Blaise Trettis, fired Assistant Public Defender Alton Edmond after he wore the tie to work and court.

Edmond, 27, was also let go from his position after posting reactions he received as a result of his attire to Facebook.

“It is accurate to say he was fired,” Trettis told Florida Today. “But it was an accumulation of things …the tie had no significance in his firing. People can talk about politics, of course. But there’s a big difference about talking politics and wearing politics on your tie.”

Edmond was hired last April and was one of three minority attorneys in the Brevard Public Defender’s office. The agency currently has 42 attorneys representing criminal defendants.

“This was my way of representing a struggle. It’s very personal to me,” he said. “I think this situation has made it clear to me that there is some intolerance in the public defender’s office. People in the office are overly sensitive, very conservative and talked openly about their support of (President) Trump. Even the public defender, he was at a Trump rally last year, in the front row.”

Photo: Alton Edmond, Facebook