Lawsuit: Perry Ellis Sued Over Racist Policy

Credit: Thinkstock

Perry Ellis International is under court scrutiny for its alleged racist nature.

The lawsuit was filed by Joseph Cook, president of Original Penguin’s wholesale division, an entity under the Perry Ellis umbrella. He’s suing the company over a racist and homophobic policy enforced by its President and COO, Oscar Feldenkreis.

Feldenkreis’ daughter, who is the brand director of Original Penguin, is said to have told Cook that her dad “doesn’t like having black guys in his ads, or anyone who looks too gay.”

Cook also claims he was “forced to endure highly offensive homophobic, racial and ethnic slurs” from his boss.

Additionally, he says the big wig informed him he could avoid jury duty by “telling them you hate n-words and fags.”

Mind you, the Perry Ellis brand was conceived and made a major fashion label by a gay man.

Perry Ellis representatives have denied all allegations. More can be read over at The Guardian.