Lawsuit: NY Police Attack Autistic Teen

The New York Police Department is facing another lawsuit on the grounds of wrongful assault, false imprisonment, and violation of one’s constitutional rights.

In 2014, then 17-year-old Troy Canales was standing in front of his home in the Bronx when three cops allegedly approached him and began questioning him about what he was doing.

Canales, who is autistic, responded that he was “chillin” and what followed according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, was a physical attack.

The suit reads: “They grabbed me and threw me on the ground so my face was on the concrete.”

Canales also mentioned that one of the cops punched him in the face, reports the New York Daily News.

In addition to describing the assault, the lawsuit points out that due to Canales’ autism, he has the “demeanor of someone much younger,” causing him to “easily” become “nervous and anxious” when speaking to strangers.

Following the alleged attack, the officers arrested the teen and took him to jail where he was in custody for an hour and released without charge nor a reason for him being there in the first place.

Canales’ mother, Alyson Aulet-Valentine told The News that since the arrest, her son has become “extremely anxious at the sight of police.”

The family is seeking punitive and compensatory damages, along with asking that the NYPD be given guidelines on how to deal with autistic people.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Branton told the NY Daily News that there is “training specific to the issue of autism as well as other courses on how to deal with emotionally disturbed persons.”

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