MO Man Who Journeyed To Fitness Dies

A popular St. Louis man whose weight loss journey inspired millions over the course of a couple of years has died.

Larry Evans went from weighing 823 pounds to 587 pounds in just two years; and he allowed the world to tag along with him in his quest to lose weight and save his own life via social media.

“Get up, get out and do something” was the phrase Evans, 40, was best known for saying in his videos posted to Facebook.

With the help of his two friends, Evans steadily pushed himself to shed hundreds of pounds. And he did it the natural way: no supplements or fad diets. Evans dropped his weight by exercising, changing his diet and staying committed.

But he lost a battle with pneumonia, according to Fox 2 Now.

“Through all of the challenges, he was determined to not give up,” his family and friends said. “Larry is in heaven now, with the same mission. He is resting in peace, spending time with family and friends.”

Larry’s journey was tough, but powerful. He touched thousands of lives and even garnered free access to Gold’s Gym.

One of his Facebook videos had more than 27,837,900 views.

Larry Evans inspired millions with his fitness journey. He will be missed.