LAPD Shoot And Kill 14-Year-Old Teenager

Authorities say that Los Angeles police shot and killed a 14-year old boy after he shot at officers, according to CNN.

Two officers came in contact with two young individuals as they were responding to a vandalism call around an east downtown L.A. neighborhood just after 5:30 p.m. Police say the two officers pursued one after one ran off.

“According to a witness who saw the subject running from the officers, the witness saw the subject shoot a handgun in the direction of the pursuing officers. While the loss of life is always tragic, it is particularly so when the loss involves the youth.” said LAPD Deputy Chief Robert Arcos.

Los Angeles County Coroner pronounced Jesse James Romero dead at the scene.

The two officers responded after hearing gunshots fired towards them around the corner. One of the officers fired back, killing Romero.

Arcos stated a loaded handgun was recovered by Romero’s body, but it was too early for investigators to conclude whether it had been fired or if it was used by Romero.

Investigators will review the video from the officers’ body cameras as well as examine the gun for fingerprints and DNA.

Arcos believes the vandalism is in fact related to gang activity but declined to comment on any gang involvement by Romero.