Audio: Lamar Odom 911 Call Released

Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel just 70 miles outside of Las Vegas Tuesday morning, and officials are still attempting to make sense of what happened.

The 35-year-old former NBA player remains in critical condition, with doctors saying he is in a coma with a failing heart.

Witnesses say Odom was taking a male enhancement supplement while there, and contend that he was fine until they found him unresponsive.

Nevada officials held a press conference to update the public of Odom’s status, and to release any details surrounding the incident.

They also released a 911 call, where a woman from the brothel known as the Love Ranch, can be heard speaking with a 911 dispatcher.

“There’s blood coming out of his nose,” she says, and “white stuff coming out of his mouth.”

The woman also noted that Odom was “not breathing.”

An employee at the brothel can be heard saying that Odom ingested cocaine on Saturday, despite brothel owner, Dennis Hof, telling media that Odom only took an herbal Viagra.

Hear the 911 call below and check back for updates.