L.A. Mayor Commits To End Veteran Homelessness

Credit: Thinkstock

There are many stories of veterans returning from serving their country without the resources needed in order to succeed.

Too many, according to first lady Michelle Obama.

“The image of even one of these heroes sleeping out in the cold, huddled up next to an overpass–that should horrify all of us,” said Obama, the Los Angeles Times reports. “There are simple steps that we can take…to prevent and solve these kinds of problems.”

With 6,300 homeless veterans, the highest of any area in the country, Los Angeles County could lead the way in making a dent in the number of veterans end up below the poverty line and homeless.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has pledged to join the first lady and fight to end veteran homelessness by 2016–more specifically, within the next 17 months. To Garcetti, the fact that “veterans live in our city without a place of their own,” is unacceptable.

The plan? More veteran jobs including benefits and housing homeless veterans living within the city limits first, according to the Times.

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