Krispy Kreme Fail Yields KKK Wednesdays

Listen, can we have a moment of chill for Black History month?

First, we have a movie out here about whipping folk, but it’s supposed to be sexy.  (Yup, looking at you 50 Shades.)

Then, we have all manner of bigoted foolery going on including these soccer fan fumble heads cited earlier on this site.

And as the final piece in the puzzle, we have some clueless marketing professionals who thought that it would be cool to promote Krispy Kreme Klub Wednesdays aka KKK Wednesdays.

Yes, we’ll wait here while you help your jaw back up off the floor.

To be fair, this bumble came from the UK camps so we could maybe kinda sorta think that those across the pond weren’t as in touch with this ugly acronym.  More on the shenanigans HERE.

But now that they’ve been warned, we don’t ever ever ever want to see this promotion again.  Cool?