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Kimani Gray’s Mother Denies Contact With Bloomberg

Carol Gray, the mother of police-slain Brooklyn teen, denies contact with New York City Bloomberg who has been trying to reach out to offer his condolences.
Carol Gray, left, is embraced by City Councilman Charles Barron, as she reacts during a press conference on Thursday, March 14, 2013 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. Gray's son Kimani "Kiki" Gray, 16, was shot to death on a Brooklyn street last Saturday night by plainclothes police officers who claim the youth pointed a .38-caliber revolver at them But Gray told reporters that her son was slaughtered, and she wants to know why. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

By// Mariah Craddick

Carol Gray, the mother of police-slain Brooklyn teen, Kimani Gray, has been denying contact with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg who has been trying to reach out to offer his condolences, according to the New York Times

Bloomberg has already stated that he saw no wrongdoing on the part of the officers who shot and killed the boy after he allegedly pointed a revolver at them.

“We weren’t interested in the photo op,” Gray’s lawyer Kenneth J. Montgomery told the Times. “In the totem pole of important things and important emotions, that would come somewhere at the bottom.”

Now that the shooting has incited the East Flatbush neighborhood into protests (or riots depending on who you ask) and has gained national attention, some felt that the gesture came too late.

“He did not reach out when he should have to the family,” Councilman Charles Barron said. “He made some feeble attempts through other folks later on. But the mayor knows how to get in touch with people when he wants to.”

In a recent interview with the Times, Bloomberg addressed his failed attempts to reach out to Ms. Gray.

“I’ve tried, and the woman [Ms. Gray], the mother, is not taking any calls, changed her phone number so I can’t, but I did reach out.”