KFC Releases Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish


What goes together perfectly? Nail polish and chicken!

(Scratches head)

At least KFC thought so. The company announced that it has made two edible nail polishes that bring the cliche tagline, “Finger lickin’ good” to life.

Why? I don’t know.

In partnership with food technologists at McCormick, the spice company behind KFC’s mix of 11 secret herbs and spices, Ogilvy & Mather worked to craft the nail polishes for KFC Hong Kong.

The flavors are derived from natural ingredients and based on two of the brand’s favorite recipes “Original” and “Hot & Spicy.”

‘To use, consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick —again and again and again,” the brand said in a statement sent to AdWeek. “The recipe for our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish.”

Why you’d want to lick your own nail polish, I’m not sure. But in the words of 15 minutes of fame superstar Andrew Caldwell, “Who are me to judge?”

But you can.

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