1st Muslim Congressman: ‘Trump Must Be Stopped’

Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-Minn.) is calling for those who oppose President Trump’s ban on Muslims and refugees to take their concerns to the streets.

Ellison, who became the first Muslim member of Congress in 2007, made the remarks while in Houston to campaign for chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“It’s time for people to get active, to get involved, to vote and to organize,” Ellis said, according to The Washington Post. “Trump must be stopped, and people power is what we have at our disposal to make him stop. We need mass rallies. We need them all over the country. We need them in Texas. We need them in D.C. We need them in Minnesota.”

Trump’s executive order temporarily halts the visa interview process from seven nations and the refugee flow from Syria. On Friday, Ellison joined a rally in Miami-Dade County.

“I’ve heard from people who were on the way to Minnesota and were blocked,” said Ellison. “They’re stopping people at the border right now. They’re breaking up families now. This is an absolute affront to America as a welcoming nation that gives refuge to suffering people. It is basically sending a positive signal to people who hate this country, because now ISIS gets to say — ‘See? They don’t want you.’ They get to whip up hate and anti-American sentiment.”

So far, no Republican members of Congress have spoken out against the executive orders, but Ellison said that his colleagues had opposed them before the 2016 election.