U.S. Govt: NC LGBT Law Violates Civil Rights

The U.S. Justice Department says a North Carolina law that limits protections for LGBT people violates federal civil rights laws.

On Wednesday, the agency put North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on notice that state officials must confirm by Monday that they will not comply with or implement the law called House Bill 2.

The law was passed in response to a Charlotte ordinance that offered protections to gay and transgender people. It excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from the state’s anti-discrimination law and bars local governments from expanding anti-discrimination rules.

According to a letter obtained from the Justice Department, the law violates Title IX of the Civil Rights act, which bars discrimination in education based on sex.

That could lead to North Carolina losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal school funding.

North Carolina has come under heavy criticism since Gov. Pat McCrory signed the law requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms that match the sex of their birth certificates.

Last week, police arrested more than 50 protesters at the statehouse capitol. More than 100 corporate leaders have decried the law, saying it is unfair and makes it more difficult to attract talent.