The Jury Should Have Fought George Zimmerman

First off, I do not agree with any celebrity squaring off against George Zimmerman.

And it’s not because I don’t believe he deserves a beatdown.

In reality, Lady Justice is the one who should have been busting his arse with not one, but both of her scales, not a member of the hip-hop community.  (Sorry DMX and Game.)

Further, Zimmerman should leave off finding ways to snare the pop culture spotlight and spend the rest of his days repenting for shooting an unarmed teenager who wanted nothing more than a snack.

I’d much rather see Zimmerman in a monastery, seminary or some other peaceful place where he can reflect on his reckless behavior and express gratitude that he unbelievably escaped a prison cell.

Anything short of that is a spectacle and disrespect to the name of Trayvon Martin, who would have turned 19 today had he not crossed paths with a man who clearly retains an appetite for violence.

It is far too late to punish Zimmerman, even if he ends up with a broken nose and bruised eye from some trumped up publicity stunt.  But we can wage a fight against a worthy adversary: stand-your-ground laws that may snatch away another innocent life.

If you’d like to protest the match, you can sign this petition. We can only hope it makes a difference.