Updated: Michael Dunn Guilty On Four Counts

Character witnesses for a Florida man charged with fatally shooting a teen after an argument over loud music say they never knew him to be violent, as prosecutors rested their case in the first-degree murder trial Monday.

Update 6 p.m. CT: The judge has declared a mistrial on the first-degree murder charge as the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The jury has, however, found Dunn guilty of three charges of attempted second-degree murder and guilty of firing a weapon into a vehicle. The sentencing is tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 24.

The judge in the “loud music” trial has instructed the jury to continue deliberating after reaching a partial verdict.

Jurors have reached a verdict on four of the five charges facing Michael Dunn, the Florida man accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

Around 4:45 p.m. Eastern, Judge Russell Healey announced the 12 jurors haven’t unanimously reached a verdict on the first-degree murder charge, according to CNN.

Healey has ordered the jury to continue deliberating; however, if the jurors cannot reach a consensus in reasonable amount of time a hung jury is possible on the first-degree murder count.

JET will keep you posted on further updates.