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Judge Orders Chief Keef Gun Range Video

By// Mariah Craddick

Pitchfork Media—the company that shot an interview with South Side Chicago rapper Chief Keef while he was holding a rifle at a gun range—must now turn over the uncut version of the footage to prosecutors, which may serve as evidence that the teen violated his probation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Pitchfork posted the interview online earlier this year showing a 17-year-old Chief Keef (Keith Cozart) at a gun range in New York. Lawyers for the media company originally objected to turning over the footage citing the First Amendment, but Judge Carl Anthony Walker ruled that because the material was not available through other means it had to be turned over.

Prosecutors have argued that by holding the weapon, the rapper violated the terms of his probation. Last year Chief Keef had been convicted for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop.

Chicago police are also investigating his possible involvement with the murder of rapper Lil Jojo back in September.

Chief Keef’s hearing is scheduled for Dec. 17—ironically the day before his debut record on a major label is set to release. If found guilty of violating his probation, he could be put in jail.