Teenager Killed Over Loud Music

By// Raven Craig

Michael David Dunn, 45, was jailed Monday for shooting at a car full of teenagers after an argument over loud music. Seventeen-year-old Jordan Russell Davis was killed.

Dunn, a gun collector, was with his girlfriend in Jacksonville, FL on Friday for his son’s wedding. Allegedly, they went to a convenient store and parked next to the noisy car. The girlfriend went inside and Dunn began arguing with occupants of the vehicle.

The Orlando Sentinel reports, Davis and Dunn exchanged words, then Dunn pulled a gun and shot eight or nine times. Davis, who was sitting in the back seat, was struck twice. No one else was injured.

Dunn and his girlfriend left the scene afterward but witnesses wrote down their license plate number. Dunn was arrested on Saturday and is being held without bail.