JET Magazine on the Forefront of Gay Marriage

The United States is on the brink of a landmark decision as the Supreme Court deliberates over the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA defines marriage for federal purposes as between a man and a woman but if it’s deemed unconstitutional then it will be a major step toward marriage equality.

However, despite the legalities of same-sex marriage, gay couples have been participating in marriage for a few decades. The Pop Up Museum of Queer History, wrote an interesting piece about its history and they sited an October 15, 1970 issue of JET magazine that featured a lesbian couple who got “married.” Here’s the full snapshot:


Via Pop Up Museum of Queer History:

Edna Knowles, on the left, and Peaches Stevens were wed in Liz’s Mark III Lounge, a gay bar on the South Side of Chicago, “before a host of friends and well wishers.” The article ended by noting, “although the duo has a type of ‘marriage license’ in their possession, the state’s official marriage license bureau reported it had no record of their license.” This ending serves to remind Jet readers that Knowles and Stevens’ union was not legitimate in the eyes of the state, as does the use of quotes around the word “married” in the headline.