JET Magazine to Introduce Digital App

Johnson Publishing Company (JPC), announced today that JET magazine, founded in 1951, will transition to a digital magazine app at the end of June.  JPC is making the proactive decision to adapt to the changing needs of its readers as their desire to get information quickly and easily increases.

JET, the number three magazine in the African-American market, with a rate base of 700,000, started as a publication for Black-Americans to get weekly news on issues central to their community in a quick and easy to read format.

The new weekly digital magazine app will leverage a variety of storytelling tactics, including video interviews, enhanced digital maps, 3D charts and photography from the JPC archives.  Breaking news will be updated daily.  The app will be available on all tablet devices and mobile platforms.  In addition, JET will publish an annual special print edition.

“Almost 63 years ago, my father, John Johnson, named the publication JET because, as he said in the first issue, ‘In the world today, everything is moving faster. There is more news and far less time to read it,’” said Linda Johnson Rice, chairman of JPC.  “He could not have spoken more relevant words today.  We are not saying goodbye to JET, we are embracing the future as my father did in 1951 and taking it to the next level.”

“The JET magazine online presence is continuing to grow, and JPC feels strongly we can provide great and timely content to our readers with the first weekly digital magazine app in the African-American space,” said Desiree Rogers, CEO of JPC.

This JET online content will feature strong entertainment news along with politics, pop culture and social issues that impact African-Americans, as well as a new EBONY/JET digital store.

Kyra Kyles, formerly a senior editor of JET magazine and digital managing editor of, has been appointed the digital editorial director for JET online.



About JET

The publication was initially billed as “The Weekly Negro News Magazine,” and is noted for its role in chronicling the early days of the Civil Rights movement.  Coverage included current events, entertainment news, healthy living tips, and fashion and beauty tips.  JET was one of the first publications to report on the death of Jordan Davis and Kendrick Johnson, and to do a special investigative report on missing Black children.  The magazine has been a staple in homes and businesses of Black Americans since 1951, bringing life to its popular catchphrase: “If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen.”

  • jerry

    #1 – what are you going to do about the people that have subscriptions past June like me? Didn't we have a contract for the printed version for a said period of time? Do I get a refund for the print issues I will not receive?

    #2 – why are you inserting advance renewal applications in your latest issue?

  • sharon heslup

    OK How will this move affect those of us who have subscriptions paid through next year? And what about those folks who don't have computers or phones for the apps?

  • charity

    So what happens if you paid for a 3 year subscription & do not have a computer in the home? My mother just renewed her subscription. So options does she have?

  • Li-berry-ian

    So what are the options for institutional subscribers like libraries? We can't do a "digital app".

  • Alicia Johnson

    Now that the magazine is moving online. What will happen to current subscriptions?

  • Alicia Johnson

    Now that the magazine is moving online. What will happen to current subscriptions?

  • Dereck

    i know as time goes on ,,things change,,,but why ruin a good thing,,and what about our elderly who loves to read everyone don't have access to digital print ,,,wonder if that came up while you were brainstorming!!!!!!

  • arnita batson

    I think this is great but…..what about your older reader's like me that want to read jet but that might not have a computer.

  • Don Maybell Jr

    I've paid my Mother-In-Law's magazine subscription up for two years. How will she access her subscription after June? Do I have to download the iPad app to view my future subscriptions?

  • carolyn

    Jet – what a way to throw your older readers to the wind, we have been faithful to you for years, always remember where your readership came from. Don't leave us, some of us like reading printed materials.

  • Tracei

    So sad. Now my grandkids won't know the feeling of seeing jet magazines lined up on the coffee table.

  • Avid Reader

    Jet magazine should have surveyed the 60 plus readers, offered readers a chance purchase tablets at a reduced price. The young reader is your future, the older reader is your history…

    • Leelota

      The old reader is not history because we are still here..We can also purchase are own tablet without the reduce price..

  • Gloria M

    My concern is the same as many. Why did you solicit renewal of Jet Magazine, when you knew the plan was to go digital? Will there be a refund for PAID subscriptions? Why are you still soliciting RENEWALS for print issues?? I feel betrayed and deceived. My subscription expires September 2015. Now what's next?

    Do you have plans to do the same for Ebony Magazine?

    • Johnna S

      I AGREE….my subscription does not expire until sometime in 2015 as well…do we get a discount on the digital price?

  • Mitch F

    Thanks Jet for all the years and congrats on moving to the next level with the app. I am in my late 50's no issue with the app. I choose to be progressive, When Jet started you could get you gas pumped and windshield washed and oil checked at the pump , now I pump my own gas, When jet started, we did not have cell phones or computers, but now we do, Before jet we were in segregation now we are not,… all of you so called JET fans from back in the day stop whinning about the paper magazine and get in step…this is 2014 folk. Just because you happened to be blessed to live in these times does not mean that JET or the world need to PAUSE for you…it never does! If you can come online here to complain then you can operate the app…Cant wait!

    • teeokeefe

      Get in step? Did Time, Vogue, Popular Mechanics and Martha Stewart and dozens of others including O abandon their print issues just because they started a digital magazine. No they did NOT. Being progressive does not mean that the standard format has to disappear.

  • Karen M

    So glad I changed my Subscription to Digital before they changed to Digital.

  • Sharen Robinson

    A college student came to my home in January to solicit. I subscribed and paid $46.00. To date, I have received 2 copies of the magazine. I've called Millennium Sales and they refuse to answer. What happen now? I would certainly like a refund. I'm on a fixed income and it's horrible to be mistreated while trying to be supportive.

    • kkyles

      Hi Sharen:
      I passed your information along to our fulfillment department and you should get a response. E-mail us at in a few days if you do not hear back. Sorry to hear you were having issues and we do appreciate your support.

  • eddie thomas

    I understand new digtal generation but I rather have old jet print give customer choice of how they want too read there jet magzine I think unfair many people like me on fix income can't afford computer are tablet

  • maxcina

    I have a two year subscription what happens to that

    • kkyles

      JET subscribers, though we’d love to have you also sign up for our app, are being offered Ebony subscriptions. I will have someone contact you with details. The information is rolling out to all subscribers.

      • Kimber

        We haven't received anything from Jet magazine, and our subscription wasn't due to expire until 2015 as well. Who do we contact?


    Moving to a digital format is fine, but I will not access this format because I want to read the Jet book.
    I saw the writing on the wall when you changed your format to try to attract the younger readers, you went from a magazine that featured Emmitt Till's picture and features on HBCU's to a whitewashed thin version that was afraid to even mention HBCU's or Black issues from the past or present.
    What a cop out for the last 4-5 years. Jets milk toast approach that it pursued has left you with only one option, quit.
    We'll I hope Ebony can stay ahead of this whitification , with articles about the Black community in America that are pertinent.
    With the attack on our Black young men, attack on our families and weak political base we need a beacon in the print format to keep us informed.
    Do not let the editor for Jet get hold of Ebony.Be Strong!!!

  • Soina

    Can someone please advise on what is done with previous subscriptions? I currently have a subscription and WILL NOT pay for an additional one. Please advise if there is some place on this new Digital App where you are able to enter your current Jet subscription account number? Was this even thought about in the planning stages? This issue seams to be ignored.

    • kkyles

      Hi Soina:
      You only need the code of getjetapp to get the app content at no cost. Instructions are here: In terms of your print subscription, you should be receiving an Ebony subscription at no additional cost for the life of your JET subscription. Please let me know if that works. I can offer further help if you e-mail me at kyra at Thank you for the feedback!

  • Rebecca S. Tolson

    I have been a subcriber for years, when I recd the last printed Jet, I sent a letter to Jet asking for a return of my Money. Which was never sent, I am now receiving double issues of Ebony. I have been Johnson and Johnson Ebony and Jet for years. I would like to recd my money back for the payment for the Magazine.

  • Janie Shelby

    I would like to get a refund for the printed issues that I will not receive. I liked the printed issues.

  • Ralph Boulware

    How do I get a online subscription to jet online

  • B Ward

    My mother paid for her subscription for 2 years, when she received the last printed Jet, she sent a letter to Jet asking for a return of my Money. Which was never sent, she now receiving double issues of Ebony. I have been Johnson and Johnson Ebony and Jet for years. She would like for J&J to refund her money back for the payment for the Magazine.

  • janice

    I'd like a choice please.

  • vanessa brown

    How can i subscribe to jet on my tablet