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JET: This is Our Story (How to Order Copies)

Before there was a radio or television in every home during the era of separate and decidedly unequal, JET reflected the lives of African-Americans transcending the boundaries of racial oppression. From the very beginning, JET spread the gospel of economic success and upward mobility. But none of it could have been done without the strength and courage of one man’s dream. 

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Turning Theory Into Practice

John h. Johnson had an idea— to reach masses of Black folks around the country and affirm their lives as beautiful and worthy. This idea planted itself in his heart and mind. The more Black faces were missing from newspapers and magazines, the more determined he became.

He launched Negro Digest in 1942, reaching people in Black households and storefronts nationwide who yearned to see their values, lives and ambitions reflected in a culture that held them in legal, racial contempt.

“It’s so vitally important, particularly for young people, to see themselves in the written narrative,” remarks TV host and Johnson’s lifelong admirer Tavis Smiley. “Every week in JET you could see that your dreams were not ridiculous or outlandish because other people were actually living out those same aspirations. JET was a weekly affirmation of who we are.”


  • JetGuest

    One of the strongest memories I had as a child was looking at the "Jet Beauty" centerfolds and wanting one day to be one when I grew up! 🙂

  • Sylvester Paynes

    One of the strongest memories I had as a child was looking at the "Jet Beauty" centerfolds and wanting to one day be old enough to meet them !

  • Calvin

    Hello, is there any way I can order this last JET mag. on line?

  • Lynn Carr

    As one door closes, a new door opens. Congratulations Jet and Ebony on taking the big step into the virtual world.

  • mamaloveproject

    I don't know if it was just a DC thing, but back in the 70s, everyone had copies of Ebony, Jet, TV Guide and National Geographic fanned out on their coffee tables. If I didn't finish reading an article at one person's house, I could pick up when my mom visited someone else.

    • che

      I think it was an urban community thing…not just Dc…i grew up in Nyc…same thing in every black house hold…even when i visited family down south in the summer!

    • DrB

      Girl, 🙂 I am a native of DC also – this is so TRUE!!! My 85 year old sister still "fans" them out. When I go to her house, I read copies from months/ years ago!! LOL In my life JET, is still the "Bible" – If JET said it – then it is true – Full Stop. Thanks for taking me down memory! Be Blessed.

    • Albert

      I grew up in Los Angeles and we have just about the same magazines. Have a ton of N.G. in the basement. Nobody threw away of that magazine.

  • Linda Akanbi

    Both Jet and Ebony magazine have played extremely important roles in chronicling Black history over the years, bringing us positive news and stories about ourselves that we would never see on TV or in mainstream newspapers. I will miss the hard copies of Jet.

  • Dorsey

    I am not understanding why I did not receive the final print copy. My subscription was paid for I back in January.

  • Hil

    Makes me feel like an old friend has passed away. Heartbreaking.

  • SimplyBeautiful

    I haven't subscribed to Ebony/Jet in years or attended the Ebony Fashion Fair….apparently I've missed a lot even the stamp displayed in his honor….but, I haven't seen it….miss that part of my life….

  • OC Hooper

    What happen to my prepaid Jet subscription that doesn,t expire until next year ?

  • Dora

    I have been a subscriber to Ebony and Jet Magazines for 40 years. I am hurt about this magazine stop printing. I have paid for 3 yr subscription so what now. I also paid for 2 yrs subscription to Ebony.
    Do I get my money back for my paid Jets.

  • vicki

    will current subsccribers get the Final issue, I have not received mine.

  • Denise Barton

    Hi, I am a subscriber of Jet magazine. I would like to know how can I receive the issue I have paid for.
    I do not use a computer on a regular basis. I would like to be notified about my remaining issues.

  • Betty Matthews

    I Just paid for a new subscription. Will I be reimbursed my subscription fee? please reply ASAP

  • D Bowman

    I have put this out here a few times and no response! how do I read my already PAID subscription online?

    • sboone

      Do you know your subscription number?

      • Debra

        should it be on the magazine address label

  • Devin

    Really wish Jet would start printing copies again. Digital is a good way to go today with everything changing. But it's still good to have a Hard copy. Even if subscription price was raised to have printed copies I would pay Jet is a magazine that will always be worth it!

  • Herman l curvey

    Send me a subscription, thank you

  • Mycena

    I sure would love to have my magazine copy. Some of us still love the feel of a book in our hands !

  • Joyce Brown

    Where can I find a jet magazine on shelves