Ebony & Jet go Hollywood-ish with WME

Jet and Ebony magazines are about to expand their reach in a major way.

Jet and Ebony have been pillars in the Black American community for over 70 years, providing unparalleled news and culture coverage to the community from the second War World through the Civil Rights Movement and into today’s Black Lives Matter Movement. Now into the 21st century, both Jet and Ebony are looking to make even more profound statements. The magazines which operate under Ebony Media Operations (EMO) have just signed with WME talent agency.

Ebony currently reaches 40 percent of the adult Black American community totally some 13 million readers. With its relaunch, Ebony’s sister magazine Jet will focus on the millennial audience with coverage of celebrities, entertainment, music, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Never forgetting their roots in the Black America community from the 20th century forward, Ebony and Jet are looking to continue those conversations while extending a hand to a new generation of Black Americans who have a very particular experience.

WME provides its clients and partners with global access and insights into every facet of sports, entertainment, and fashion. Vice Chairman of Ebony Media parent Clear View Group, Willard Jackson said of the deal,

“At the heart of publishing is the curation and telling of great stories. This concept is as relevant today as it was 70 years ago when our iconic magazines were founded. Our partnership with WME aligns with the growth plans and transformation CVG envision for Ebony Media Operations.”

With this new partnership, Ebony and Jet are going to shine brighter than ever.