JET Celebrating 65 Years of Black News and Views


Founded in 1951, JET has covered everything from Emmet Till to President Barack Obama, along with reader favorites such as Beauty of the Week and the Love section.

Before there was a radio or television in every home during the era of separate and decidedly unequal, JET reflected the lives of African-Americans transcending the boundaries of racial oppression. From the very beginning, JET chronicled news relevant to Black life and culture.

Johnson Publishing founder John H. Johnson’s idea was to reach masses of Black folks around the country and affirm their lives as beautiful and worthy. This idea planted itself in his heart and mind. The more Black faces were missing from newspapers and magazines, the more determined he became.

He launched Negro Digest in 1942, reaching people in Black households and storefronts nationwide who yearned to see their values, lives and ambitions reflected. But nine years later, he began publication of the pocket-sized JET because of the speedy pace of the news cycle. “There is more news and far less time to read it,” Johnson said in the debut issue. Now, 65 years later, JET — which went all-digital in 2014 — is still continuing that work, remaining a sister publication to EBONY Magazine and

Please join us as we celebrate our anniversary with the most iconic JET covers.


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