Jesse Jackson Jr. Returns to Mayo Clinic For Treatment

By// Chandler Rollins

Jesse Jackson Jr. will return to the Mayo Clinic this week for treatment for bipolar disorder reports The Grio, and urges supporters to be patient. For the first time in almost four months Jackson spoke to his constituents in a robocall to his 2nd Congressional District Saturday, reports WBEZ.

In the call posted to the WBEZ website, Jackson urged his supporters to stay patient during his recovery. “I am anxious to return to work on your behalf. But at this time, it’s against medical advice. And while I will always give my all to my constituents, I ask you to continue with your patience as I work to get my health back,” he said.

Jackson added, “Like many human beings, a series of events came together in my life at the same time and they’ve been difficult to sort through. I am human. I’m doing my best. And I am trying to sort through them all,” he said.

Despite his health condition, the son of civil rights leader and former presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is projected to win the 2nd Congressional seat against Republican candidate Brian Woodworth. With less than two week left until election day, Jackson is scheduled to return to the Mayo Clinic this week for re-evalutation of his status, his father said in an interview with Reuters Sunday.